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The International Cocoa Initiative (ICI)

The International Cocoa Initiativeis a charitable foundation created in 2002 to tackle the problems of child labor, child trafficking and forced adult labor in the cocoa supply chain. ICI is a unique partnership between civil society, labor unions, the chocolate industry, authorities in cocoa-producing countries, and cocoa-21 growing communities. ICI strongly believes that tackling the issues of forced labor and trafficking requires coordinated action at community, regional, national, and international levels. ICI works to raise awareness of cocoa farmers about labor standards, encompassing everyone along the supply-chain to ensure that the problems of child and forced labor remain visible and can be appropriately and responsibly addressed. A credible independent partner, endorsed by multiple and diverse stakeholders, ICI is now a recognized technical leader and reference point for protecting vulnerable children, understanding the causes of child labor, empowering communities to better manage the risks, influence others in the global cocoa supply chain, and supporting national efforts to mitigate child labor.

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German chocolate cake was named for Sam German, who developed a sweet bar for Baker's Chocolate—and was not from Germany.
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