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NestléNestle Cocoa Plan

The Nestle Cocoa Plan is driving forward the way they source cocoa globally; it brings under one banner all the company does to promote a sustainable cocoa supply. The company has invested CHF 110 million to address key issues facing cocoa farming communities, improve the livelihoods of cocoa farmers, and build relationships with cooperatives and farmer associations. Nestle has also incorporated the Cocoa Plan into the broader approach of Creating Shared Value (CSV), which encourages businesses to create economic and social value by focusing on social issues. They became the first organization to adopt CSV and focused their CSV efforts and investments in nutrition, water and rural development. The company also formed a strong base of performance in environmental sustainability and compliance and has worked with partner organizations such as the International Cocoa Initiative (ICI) and World Cocoa Foundation (WCF).

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Chocolate can make dogs and cats ill—meaning no tastings for your furry friend, and more for you.
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