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Blommer Chocolate Company, the largest cocoa processor and ingredient chocolate supplier in North America, implemented Sustainable Origins throughout Indonesia, Ecuador and the Ivory Coast. This program focuses on three pillars of sustainability:
People – farmer livelihood and adherence to international labor standards;
Planet – responsible environmental stewardship and protect fragile tropical ecosystem;
Profit – greater economic returns for cocoa farmers.
In West Africa Blommer formed a $3 million partnership called the Processors Alliance for Cocoa Traceability and Sustainability (PACTS) with the mission to increase the supply of high quality, fermented cocoa beans while also improving the livelihood of the local farming community. They also led the effort to establish the Rainforest Alliance to help farmers meet comprehensive standards for sustainability and helped set up Amazon Basin Project & Sacha Gold Program in Ecuador to improve cocoa farmer livelihood.

Did You Know?
Cacao percentage determines the amount of cocoa bean products by weight in a chocolate.
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